About the Norwegian Community Seed Bank

The goal of Norwegian Community Seed Bank is to make available plant material on a larger scale for cultivation and research.

We will promote the use of old varieties where it is economically sustainable, promote food plant diversity and work for old varieties to become commercially interesting again. We are a formal and visible collaborative body for all producers and growers of Norwegian seeds that naturally belong in a Community Seed Bank. Norges Vel runs the secretariat for the utility gene bank.

Norwegian Community Seed Bank was established as a cooperative in the fall of 2018 and was established by farmers who want to preserve plant genetic material and ensure genetic diversity in Norwegian varieties.

Today most of the varieties grown are imported, but through Norwegian Community Seed Bank we facilitate to use our own plant heritage and strengthen the food diversity. It helps food security to have own varieties available for use, either by using the varieties as they are or as a basis for developing new varieties. It also seems that some older varieties may be more robust when it comes to climate change and extreme weather. Especially for older plants, it is important to be able to test and evaluate what varieties may be suitable under current and future conditions caused by climate change. Through the work done in Norwegian Community Seed Bank , consumers will be able to find a larger variety of plant based food in the stores.

If you want to know more, please contact us at  info@norskbruksgenbank.no